Chimney Services

We offer a range of chimney services and can make sure your chimney is suitable for a new fireplace or stove.

Chimney Services

There are many reasons you may require chimney repair services. First of all it is important to have your chimney cleaned regularly as debris such as litter, leaves and birds’ nests can build up in your chimney or flue system. Blockages can lead to a build-up of toxic gases that could escape back into your home. You should invest in a professional chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is efficiently cleaned and to help avoid any health and safety issues. Lighting a stove or fireplace with a blocked and damaged chimney could also lead to a house fire. Small problems can often lead to bigger ones if not caught in time. To avoid all of these hazards you should invest in professional chimney services.

Chimney Inspections

Damages caused by blockages or wear and tear over time can also cause problems with your chimney. You should have your chimney inspected regularly to avoid any damages going unnoticed. As part of our chimney sweep service at The Stove and Fireplace Builder we will check your chimney or flue lining for any issues and report back to you if you require chimney repair services. We also have expert engineers who can repair your chimney after serious damage caused by extreme weather.

Other Chimney Services

Stove & Fireplace Builders provides and extensive range of professional chimney services:

Chimney Re-pointing
Chimney Pot & Cowl Repairs
Chimney Dismantling
Chimney Weather Proofing
Chimney CCTV
Chimney Sweeping

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Stove Design & Installation

We offer a design and installation service to provide you with the right stove for your home. 

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Fireplace Design & Installation

We offer fireplace design and installation covering all aspects of your home feature.

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Flue Liner

We can supply and fit flue liners, or replace old existing ones.

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We offer a range of chimney services and can make sure that your chimney is suitable for your fireplace or stove.

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